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December 2015

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Olivia is Policy and Communications Manager for Readie, the European policy centre run by Nesta. Olivia co-authored two “Digital Pulse” reports that explore how open UK and German people are to new technology. She also co-authored “Policymaking for the 21st century: How digital tools can help” which compared European attitudes towards using technology to take part in politics and policy decisions. Olivia manages Readie’s policy network and speaks frequently at events about the digital economy and impact of digitalisation



Prior to Readie, Olivia developed communications strategies for the New York Times International and PRS for Music. At PRS for Music, she ran the widely publicised Streamfair campaign to raise awareness about online copyright with policymakers.

This week in Stockholm, Readie brought together 19 policymakers and industry experts from across Europe for a special two-day event that focused on digital skills and the future of work. With this topic high on the agenda of governments across Europe, participants shared their goals and challenges, compared their approaches, and examined the key elements for the success of interventions and programmes.
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Friday, 22 September 2017
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