Theo Knott
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Theo manages the fairer strand of Nesta's Education work.

He will be looking at how we can enable women, minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to have better access to education and careers in technology and innovation.

Prior to Nesta, Theo worked as Policy Programmes Manager at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, helping to run tech for good programmes in areas including digital education, ethical data governance and diversity and inclusion in IT. Theo has previously also worked as a Caseworker for a Member of Parliament and in a local government electoral services team. 

Theo is especially passionate about equality of opportunities and how we can give everyone the chance to reach their goals and potential irrespective of their upbringing. 

Outside of work, Theo enjoys playing the piano, writing articles and blogs on politics and current affairs and cooking with a variety of gadgets he didn't really need to purchase.