Nyangala Zolho

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Nyangala is the Digital Content Editor and helps to develop and deliver Nesta content across the organisation’s range of digital platforms.

Prior to Nesta, Nyangala built the online profile of a human rights and tech start-up, which aimed to facilitate justice for the worst international crimes through the provision of a mobile camera application. She has five years of digital communications experience, including working as a journalist for an online news agency and in other non-profit communications.

Nyangala has a degree in International Relations and holds a MA in Global Media and Transnational Communications, from Goldsmith’s University. Her personal interests tend fall into three main categories: social justice, design and technology. So, if she's not in the office, you'll likely find her at an exhibition, gallery or engaged in some meaningful debate in an establishment that also serves food. Because after all, what is life without good food?