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Esther joined the Health Lab in January 2017 and is working in the social health team on a range of projects.

One project she is working on explores the factors that help people to take positive action. These include understanding the psychological elements of behaviour change, such as tapping into a person’s individual motivations for change.

Esther is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and runs a weekly clinic where she helps people with chronic pain and a range of mental health difficulties, such as anxiety, trauma and depression. She is experienced in designing online psychological interventions and developed two programmes for people with chronic pain and sexual pain.

In her previous role at The Point of Care Foundation, Esther led a national staff support programme called Schwartz Rounds. The programme addressed the emotional needs of staff in health and social care, through storytelling, exploration of organisational narratives, and having reflective space to process the challenges associated with caring. Esther has a strong interest in the narratives and identities of organisations, and understanding how they can impact on the wellbeing of staff.