Emyr is the programme manager for the procurement element of the Infuse programme.

Emyr provides training and support to the public sector on how procurement can be used to achieve wider social and environmental outcomes.

Emyr has a particular interest in how public money can be spent more intelligently to benefit local economies and the environment through anchor institutions, pro active procurement and effective forward planning with multiple partners.

In his last role Emyr worked with Y Lab supporting and promoting experimentation and innovation in public services in Wales, as well as lecturing in social policy at the School of Social Sciences. He supported the Innovate to save projects with implementation and evaluation.

Emyr also undertook research into the best ways of involving people in decision making including piloting and evaluating projects which maximise public participation in policy making as well as innovations in governance and public engagement. This includes democratic innovations such as deliberative democracy, participatory budgeting and digital democracy.

In previous roles Emyr has worked as a community development and youth work practitioner, undertaken research to support local council scrutiny, assisted Welsh Government with evidence-based policy making and undertaken social impact assessment for international developments in the private sector.

Outside of work he enjoys all types of sport, love live music and started making my own tunes again during lockdown. If anyone would like to have a listen then some of my tracks can be found at - https://ryme.bandcamp.com/