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Jess is Programme Manager for Y Lab, Nesta’s social innovation lab for Wales. One of her core responsibilities is the Digital Innovation Fund for Wales. Y Lab aims to support organisational change and share learning across government, public services, practitioners and citizens, in the spirit of co-production. Jess runs the Digital Innovators' Network and Digital Innovation Accelerator. Both of which enable individuals, organisations and project teams to explore potentially disruptive technologies with the goal of supporting innovation across a broad range of public services.

Before joining Nesta, Jess worked with Bath and Bristol by Design - AHRC and Design Council research project exploring the role design plays in creating economic benefit and social value in the region.

Jess has collaborated with leading public arts institutions across the UK, including Tate, National Museums Wales and Watershed. As part of the team at the Pervasive Media Studio, she worked closely with the Playable City team to deliver the international Playable City Award - a prize given to promote civic engagement through playful technology interventions.