Naomi Davies
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Naomi will be working in the People Powered Results team, supporting front-line health and social care teams to test out new methods to achieve rapid change.

Prior to Nesta, Naomi worked as a programme manager at Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, focused on driving forward Person Centred and Community Approaches. Previously, Naomi has worked for Local Authorities, the voluntary sector and Health. Her experience includes working across sectors and partners to develop and improve people's experiences of care, support and health.

Naomi is passionate about tackling inequality. Her journey into health and care began as a registered mental health nurse. Naomi has worked in community development to improve preventative support, including within diverse communities where inequalities remain stubbornly entrenched.

Naomi's BSc in Contemporary Health Practice was taken as a mature student and is proud to fly the flag for life long education and exploration.

Outside of work, Naomi aims to become an artist in residence aboard a pirate ship.