Babs is a senior programme manager in the People Powered Results Team, appointed with the ambition to grow People Powered Results in Wales.

Inquisitive, impatient and questioning, Babs joined Nesta’s PPR team after a lifetime as a journalist and film-maker. She changed direction, becoming a development-manager for an innovative charity, when the need to make a difference overwhelmed her desire to “tell the story”. “I’d told some stories about our failure to care too many times. I wanted to be part of making a difference,” she said.

Four years on - more convinced than ever of the need to do things differently - she moved to PPR as PPR’s senior programme manager in Wales. PPR offered a place where she could support people by creating space for reflection and experiment, somewhere they could work with complexity and learn from failure. In Wales PPR values are at the heart of legislation. Babs felt PPR had a key role to play, particularly in recovery from Covid.

She is delighted to be supporting transformation in a place and at a time when it is needed most. Bab’s specialist knowledge is of innovative ways to empower people to live lives that matter to them. She knows Wales and its legislative structure.

Outside work, she walks, gardens, loves music and family life with two grown-up children and next door’s cat.