Olivia Chapman

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Olivia Chapman is a Senior Programme Manager at Nesta.

Based in Nesta's policy and research team, Olivia leads a number of projects about the future of work and adult learning, exploring the intersection between jobs and global challenges. These include Digital Frontrunners, an active network of over 300 future of work experts, senior policymakers and practitioners, and FutureFit. FutureFit is focused on creating an effective adult learning system to help tackle inequality and social exclusion. Supported by Google and in partnership with some of Europe’s largest unions, leading researchers, employers and adult learning experts, FutureFit is reskilling workers at risk of job displacement and conducting a large evaluation about what works, so that solutions can be scaled. Nesta's report, Becoming FutureFit: What we know about adult learning across Europe outlines the challenge in more detail.  Olivia has co-authored two Digital Pulse reports exploring how open people are to new technology and Policymaking for the 21st century: How digital tools can help, which compares European attitudes towards using technology to participate in politics and policy decisions. Olivia is passionate about creating an inclusive future of work and providing better understanding about what works to ensure everyone benefits from an increasingly digital labour market.

To find out more, visit our page on the future of work and skills, follow @D_Frontrunners on Twitter and sign up to our future of work newsletter.

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