Mathilde Gouin

Mathilde is a designer for the healthy life mission.

Mathilde joined Nesta in 2022 as a designer for the People Powered Results team, where she developed new collaborative design methodologies to inform the creation of place-based strategies.

Mathilde has a MA in Sustainable Design from the University of Brighton, where she explored how design can help rebalance discourses to involve underrepresented communities and foster more equal futures. She believes design impacts our everyday lives in multiple ways, through sharing stories, shaping behaviours, creating interactions and so much more. Designers have a responsibility to develop more responsible, participatory and ethical design practices.

Before joining Nesta, Mathilde worked at Policy Lab on developing new research methodologies to bring a more innovative and human-centred approach to policymaking.

Outside of work, Mathilde can often be found on one of numerous East London's climbing walls or fixing bikes at her local community workshop.