Triin is the director of Nesta’s Evidence and Experimentation team.

Triin leads Nesta’s Evidence and Experimentation Practice. She leads a specialist team helping to advance Nesta’s missions in moving more innovations up the ‘evidence pipeline’ and using evidence from research to support policy and practice decisions in practice.

Previously, Triin was Head of Evaluation at Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) where she oversaw the EEF’s approach to evaluation alongside the portfolio of up to 80 ‘live’ evaluation and methodological research projects. She also managed the EEF’s Global Trials Fund and worked closely with international partners to build evaluation capacity and capability. Triin also held a post of Principal Researcher at Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) at Nesta.

Prior to joining the IGL at Nesta, Triin was Head of Evaluation at NatCen Social Research. She also worked at the Dartington Social Research Unit where she was leading on the UK adaptation of the WSIPP’s cost-benefit model developed to inform government investment decisions. She also worked at the National Academy for Parenting Research at King's College London where she worked on the standards of evidence assessing the quality and effectiveness of parenting programmes.

Triin holds a PhD in Evidence-Based Intervention and a MSc in Evidence-Based Social Work from the University of Oxford, and a BA in Educational Sciences from the University of Tartu.

Follow her on Twitter @TriinEdovald