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Triin is Principal Researcher at the Innovation Growth Lab in Nesta's Policy & Research unit.

Her background is in evidence-based interventions. Her work focuses on promoting, supporting and undertaking randomised controlled trials in the space of innovation policy, entrepreneurship and business growth.

Prior to joining Nesta Triin was Head of Evaluation at NatCen Social Research. Prior to NatCen, she worked at the Dartington Social Research Unit where she was leading on the adaptation of the WSIPP’s cost-benefit model developed to inform government investment decisions for use in the UK. Before that, she worked at the National Academy for Parenting Research at King's College London where she assessed the quality and effectiveness of parenting programmes.

Triin holds a PhD in Evidence-based Intervention and a MSc in Evidence-Based Social Work from the University of Oxford, and a BA in Educational Sciences from the University of Tartu where she is also a visiting lecturer. She also acts as a consultant for the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs.

Outside of work, Triin enjoys living a thousand lives by reading novels. She also throws dinner parties when the mood strikes her.

Follow her on Twitter @TriinEdovald