Jack Orlik

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Jack Orlik

Jack is the Programme Manager for Open Jobs.

Open Jobs is Nesta’s initiative to help individuals, organisations and governments make more informed labour market decisions. We believe that we can improve social mobility, address skill gaps and enhance productivity by mobilising labour market data from a variety of sources.

Before joining Open Jobs, Jack was the Senior Researcher for Nesta’s Digital Frontrunners programme. He has authored two reports for Nesta, ‘Digital Frontrunners: Designing inclusive skills policy for the digital age’ and ‘Delivering Digital Skills: A guide to preparing the workforce for an inclusive digital economy’ and has presented the programme at the ECP in the Netherlands, the European Policy Centre, and the OECD.

Jack has an MSc in Digital Anthropology from UCL, a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Oxford University, and experience in ethnography, programme design, workshop facilitation and conference curation. He has an interest in the social impact of emerging technologies, and once co-authored an illustrated history of Techno music.

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