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Halima is Executive Director of the Health, People and Impact. She leads Nesta’s work in health and also oversees people (human resources) and impact for the organisation.

Nesta’s work on health is based on a vision of people powered health. Our work aims to empower people to improve their health and wellbeing through new relationships, networks and technologies. Over the past ten years we have led research, incubated and grown solutions, influenced policy and convened across sectors to help the shift towards people-powered and data-driven approaches.

Halima advises on health innovation and her key publications include:

Halima also oversees HR for Nesta ensuring we develop our talent, culture and organisational effectiveness to bring out the best in everyone who works here. And, as executive lead for impact, Halima is supporting the organisation to continuously improve how we demonstrate the impact of our work, including cumulative impact over time.

Halima was previously Executive Director of Nesta’s Health Lab as well as a Director in Nesta's Innovation Lab. Prior to joining Nesta, Halima worked on public service reform and innovation in UK central and local government as well as international NGOs. Halima was Deputy Director at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, providing policy advice to the Prime Minister and Number Ten.

Halima studied at Oxford University and the Harvard Kennedy School, where she held a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship. Halima was previously a member of the Council of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and Trustee of Diabetes UK. In 2015, Halima was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Health Sciences from Anglia Ruskin University.

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