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Tom is a Principal Researcher in the inclusive innovation team. His current work focuses on technology and inequality. He has lead a number of partnerships with governments, the UN and multinational companies to explore new methods that organisations can use to engage much broader groups of people in the innovation process. Recent work in this area includes Open innovation in health, Governing with Collective Intelligence and Rethinking smart cities from the ground up. He has also led practical innovation pilots with the UNDP, such as the Innovations in poverty measurement project, which sought to develop new collaborative methods for creating statistics on poverty. Prior to this, his work focused on the links between innovation and economic growth. Examples of this work include China's absorptive state and The Innovation Policy Toolkit.

Prior to Nesta, he worked for a media and policy NGO with a focus on the environment, where he managed fundraising and research. Tom holds a first-class BA in Chinese studies from the University of Sheffield.

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