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Michelle will be working in the Government Innovation team on how smarter use of data and technology can help civil society and public sector organisations deliver services, better.

As programme manager she will be leading the Offices of Data Analytics programme which seeks to radically reform a variety of services through a more intelligent use of data and predictive analytics. 

Prior to Nesta, Michelle spent 11 years with the Essex Police, giving her a unique and valuable insight into how public sector services are practically dealing with the challenges of our time; both operationally on the front line and in data-driven decision making. Before leaving she lead the development of the Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) – a whole system approach for reducing crime and vulnerability through data analytics. She also played a key role in redesigning the Police Performance Measurement Framework against the ‘Plan on a Page’ methodology alongside Bernard Marr & Co (Formally the Advanced Performance Institute). She began by pounding the streets, tackling low-level crime and anti-social behaviour as well as dealing with community events and issues as a Community Support Officer, but the uniform never suited!