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Rosalinda sits in the CEO team as Executive Research Assistant where she explores whatever is front of mind for Geoff Mulgan - researching, evidence gathering & design thinking.

Rosie is an ethnographer by trade – she led a multi-year project to stimulate community-led initiatives to help those with dementia live better. This not only helped North West London achieve their vision of becoming London’s first dementia friendly community, but also led Rosie to the stimulate dementia initiatives up in Arctic Norway.

Alongside this, Rosie is strongly driven by our understandings of health and our understanding of food systems, co-creating various projects working for positive social change. With regards to health: she has helped create a festival centered around cancer prevention and holistic health, and started her own business as a Massage Therapist – most recently taking her to Istanbul to work with refugees. With regards to our food systems: Rosie has pursued rehabilitation cooking and farming, fished, researched, worked in food education and helped stimulate a wide-reaching food waste initiative.