Kirsten Bound
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Kirsten Bound

Kirsten is an Executive Director at Nesta and leads Nesta’s Research, Analysis and Policy team.

The team does leading-edge research on innovation and innovation policy and runs initiatives to help people apply the knowledge generated. We are recognised for our expertise in a range of areas, including the analysis of the creative economy, the measurement of innovation, mapping innovation using novel data sources, experimental approaches to innovation policy, social innovation, and the analysis of new global trends in innovation from frugal innovation to seed accelerator programmes and digital startups.

Kirsten was previously Director of International at Nesta, where she built a research team examining new global trends and practices in innovation, and grew Nesta’s global partnerships and programmes. She joined Nesta in 2009 as Lead Policy Advisor for Innovation Systems.

Kirsten has published widely on innovation policy and new trends in global innovation. She has designed a range of programmes and projects that aim to transform the ability of governments to support innovation for growth and wellbeing.

Prior to Nesta, Kirsten worked for Tony Blair's Africa Governance Initiative in Rwanda, capacity building in central government and advising the Rwandan Prime Minister on a new Policy Delivery Unit.

She also worked as a Consultant on Investment Climate Reform for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, focusing on inward investment promotion and private sector development.

Before that, Kirsten spent five years at Demos, a leading public policy think tank, where she specialized in innovation in emerging economies and participatory democracy.

Kirsten's publications include:

Bound, K, ‘Innovating Together? The Age of Innovation Diplomacy’ in Cornell University, INSEAD, and WIPO (2016): The Global Innovation Index 2016: Winning with Global Innovation, WIPO, Geneva

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Bound, K and Saunders, T (2015) The Innovation Policy Toolkit: An introduction to supporting innovation and international collaboration for policy practitioners,

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Bound, K and Thornton, I (2012) Our Frugal Future: Lessons from India’s Innovation System, Nesta, London

Miller, P Bound K (2011) The Startup Factories: the rise of accelerator programmes to support new technology ventures, Nesta, London

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