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The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds massive disruption to the world of work. Automation, robotics and changing labour markets are set to transform not only jobs and wages, but also how we value different skills and kinds of work. We need to steer these changes to transform the future world of work for the better.

How can we make sure information and data are open and empowering workers? What must we do to make sure technology works to reduce, not drive, inequalities? Do children and adults alike have the opportunities and support they need to develop the broad range of skills that we know will be vital in the future? Are we doing enough to make sure good quality jobs are available in different sectors and regions across the UK?

Nesta is involved in a range of research and practical ideas to tackle the challenges presented by the changing labour market: from data-driven careers advice and tools tailored to individual learning needs, to empowering workers with the skills they need for tomorrow and equipping today's children with more resilient skills for a changing jobs market.

Find out more about what needs to be done in our manifesto for the future of work and skills. If you use Twitter, please join our campaign and show your support:

  • Simply copy one of the four pledges below and paste your selected image into a tweet.
  • Use #FutureSkills and tag @nesta_uk
  • Don’t forget to include a link to any of your relevant work for others to see.