Roberta is a Lead Data Scientist in the Healthy Life Mission team. She works closely with other teams to implement data science projects that concern health and mental health.

Roberta has a background in economics and applied statistics at Bocconi in Milan and Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, with a special focus on forecasting and macroeconomic modelling. She retrained as a data scientist at a later stage, but still strives to retain her statistical “forma mentis”.

She has experience applying data analytics and data science techniques in different industries, including finance, data journalism and data science education.

Outside of work Roberta enjoys being in nature, hiking, biking, running and swimming. She is an amateur improviser, and a member of a London-based improv group, The Fine Line. When she is not doing either of the above, as a stereotypical Italian, she enjoys good food, good wine, deep conversations and great company.