Sarah Reardon
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Sarah is the head of Nesta's media and corporate affairs teams. She helps tell Nesta's story and the stories of the people and projects that we work with.

Sarah and the media team are the first port of call for journalist enquiries about Nesta and the partnerships that we work in.

Sarah spans all areas of Nesta work - talking about Nesta’s innovation-led economic policies one moment and innovations to prevent isolation in old age the next.

Sarah started her career in PR working with technology companies, discovering a geeky love for the tech itself but most of all relishing how it can change the way people live and learn.

She joined Nesta after managing corporate and public awareness campaigns for private and public sector clients ranging from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to 2011 Census and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Away from life at Nesta, Sarah will be found on her bike, screen printing or stitching things together. She has made a resolution to learn (basic) coding and to speak Italian… soon.

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