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Eva is a Researcher working in the Explorations team on the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design.

Prior to joining Nesta, Eva worked as a Public Affairs Consultant in Brussels, providing policy analysis and strategic advice to companies in the fields of digital health, antimicrobial resistance, the future of work, agriculture, and the digital economy. She has also worked with trade unions at the European Economic and Social Committee, representing the interests of European workers and employees in EU-level policy and decision making processes.
Eva holds an MA in Geographies of Globalisation from the Goethe University Frankfurt, and a BA in International Cultural and Business Studies. She also attended courses at the Department of Development Studies at SOAS as a study abroad student.
Outside of work she enjoys running, drumming, and can often be found outside on walks with her analogue camera. She is passionate about urban development and how cities work, good food and (almost) everything related to Latin America.