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Halima Khan


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December 2010

What I do

Halima is Executive Director of the Health Lab, which aims to create a people powered health system. Health Lab brings together Nesta's practical work on health and ageing to achieve more impact. The aim of Health Lab is to create real change to improve people's health, through working towards a health and care system that is for people, by people and with people.

Halima works with innovators across public services, civil society and business to develop and scale new responses to ageing and health. Current areas of focus include making the case for person and community centred carerapid system change, mobilising communities, digital health and the Coalition for Collaborative Care

Halima advises on health and ageing innovation and has published Five hours a day: systemic innovation for an ageing population and People Powered Health: Health for people, by people and with people.  


Halima has spent fifteen years working on public service reform and innovation, mainly in central and local government with a particular focus on social care, health and disability. She was previously a Director in Nesta's Innovation Lab, overseeing a number of programmes including People Powered HealthPrior to joining Nesta in December 2010, Halima was Deputy Director at the Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, providing policy advice to the Prime Minister, No.10 and Cabinet Office ministers on a range of domestic policy issues.  

Halima studied at Oxford and the Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a Knox Fellow. Halima was previously a member of the Council of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and Trustee of Diabetes UK. In 2015, Halima was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Health Sciences from Anglia Ruskin University. 

More than Medicine connects the clinical consultation with interventions such as peer support groups, debt counselling, walking groups, befriending, one-to-one coaching and community cooking classes.
Halima Khan
Thursday, 7 November 2013
Seventy-eight year old Caroline gave a very powerful interview on Radio Five Live last Friday evening. She was talking about how it feels to be alone and her distress was palpable. It was difficult to listen but Caroline enabled us to hear the reality of how it feels to be completely alone.
Halima Khan
Friday, 25 October 2013