Principal Policy Researcher, Creative Economy and Data Analytics

Eliza Easton


Research, Analysis and Policy

Join Date

February 2018

What I do

Eliza is the Principal Policy Researcher in the Creative Economy and Data Analytics team. She works with the economists and data scientists in the team to analyse and develop policies for the creative economy and then with policy-makers to see them enacted.


Prior to joining Nesta, Eliza was part of the founding team of the Creative Industries Federation, a membership body for the creative industries. She worked across a number of policy areas including trade, funding, skills and immigration.

Before this, Eliza worked at and lived on the grounds of Waddesdon Manor, helping to research and curate an exhibition of Roubiliac sculptures in partnership with Yale University. She fell in love with creative industries policy when complaining about the state of funding in articles she wrote as a freelance arts journalist. She has a degree in History of Art from Oxford University.

Eliza’s proudest moment over the last year was finally being published in Wooster Sauce, the P.G Wodehouse fan magazine. Alongside Wodehouse, she enjoys listening to podcasts, Robert Rauschenberg paintings and going to see drag queen performances.  

Creative Nation (launched today) shows why we need to move past the semantics of creativity. Ministers must take notice of its findings and provide what creative businesses and communities need if government is serious about solving the UK’s productivity problems and improving the economy.
Eliza Easton
Thursday, 15 February 2018