Head of Strategy

John Loder


Health Lab

Join Date

October 2013

What I do

John works in the Health Lab. He has a particular interest in the potential of data to improve healthcare, and leads Nesta's digital health work, such as Dementia Citizens He co-wrote Doctor Know, looking at the potential for new ways of creating and using knowledge in healthcare. John also works across other Health Lab projects, such as Helping in Hospitals.


Before joining Nesta, John led the health team at the Young Foundation. His main focus was on innovation in healthcare, including working directly with healthcare innovators, helping health institutions create an environment for innovation, and writing about innovations that need championing.

He also worked on social impact measurement, social finance, education and youth interventions. Previously John was a partner in an investment fund.

Today we’re launching Dementia Citizens, a platform that connects researchers and those affected by dementia to help find ways to improve care.
John Loder
Tuesday, 2 August 2016