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Celeste Salas


Innovation Programmes

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February 2011

What I do

Celeste manages the Creative Business Mentor Network, a programme which aims to nurture some of the UK’s most promising creative companies by matching them with successful mentors.


Celeste has over 10 years’ experience in the fine art sector, specialising and dealing in original contemporary works. They ranged from works on canvas to installation art and everything in between. Celeste worked with some of the UK’s most respected art collectors and also helped to build corporate collections for businesses who had a keen interest in using art as part of their investment portfolio. 
Celeste also has a passion for working with artists by giving them the tools to enhance their business acumen. She consults and advises artists on business planning, marketing, legal considerations, pricing work, funding and financial planning.
Since 2012 Celeste has worked with a conceptual artist as business manager, helping with their market positioning and business strategy. 
Michael Murdoch, Founder and Creative Director of The House London Ltd, who took part in our mentoring programme during 2013 tells us about his mentoring experience and what he has learned along the way about starting and growing a business.
Celeste Salas
Tuesday, 20 May 2014