Director of Education in a Digital Environment

Tom Kenyon



Join Date

April 2012

What I do

Tom was programme director of the education in a digital environment programme which explores ways in which the proliferation of digital technologies can transform education. 


Before joining Nesta he worked as a digital executive producer for broadcasters and production companies specialising in the development of innovative products for children and young people.

As head of digital for Jamie Oliver's production company, Fresh One, Tom led a major partnership between Channel 4, Google and others to create an online educational resource building on the values of Jamie's Dream School

Tom also worked for the BBC where he led digital development teams at CBBC and CBeebies to create online games and learning products for brands such as Tracy Beaker, Live and Deadly and Blue Peter. He also worked for where he executive produced the interactive drama Primeval Evolved which won an international EMMY award for Digital Fiction.

October is a busy month here at Nesta Towers. The summer's officially over, the Olympic flame has moved on and Plan I has been published. Which means we're all now racing to Get Things Done. Number one on my list has been moving on our plans to build a public facing campaign driving demand for the Digital Makers movement.
Tom Kenyon
Monday, 1 October 2012
The 23rd of June 2012 marks 100 years since the pioneer of computer science, Alan Turing, was born. This centenary is a timely reminder of Britain’s heritage as a computing nation.
Tom Kenyon
Friday, 22 June 2012