Programme Manager

Kathryn Geels



Join Date

July 2013

What I do

Kathryn was the Programme Manager for Destination LocalThe project aims for the UK to have the most advanced public understanding of hyperlocal media and its potential for market growth. 


Before joining Nesta, Kathryn worked as a freelancer within the hyperlocal media and digital engagement fields with clients including the Guardian Media Group and Talk About Local.
In 2012 she completed post graduate studies in journalism at Queensland University of Technology. In the year before, she kick-started her career change to the creative industries by taking up post in India as a documentary photographer with Raleigh International.
An avid cyclist, hiker and walker, Kathryn has spent the last 13 years exploring, photographing and penning her way around the world. She has exhibited her photography in a solo, and a number of group exhibitions and she holds two voluntary committee roles with London Independent Photography.
Kathryn has also written a London destination guide and hosts travel experiences in London – for which she was featured in the Ryanair inflight magazine in October 2012. You can find her on Twitter at @girlondon
In January 2014 Purpose launched their Online Democratic Platforms for Young People project, which we are supporting through Destination Local. The objective of the project is to test online democratic platforms in the UK that support young people to collaboratively engage with democratic institutions (local authorities, city governments) in order to effect positive social change. Purpose are working with UpRising and an alumni of young people in Birmingham to increase young people’s engagement in these processes by identifying low to medium-barrier ways for them to influence their local decision makers, and for decision makers to engage with young people in places that young people are most accustomed to, i.e. social media platforms.
Kathryn Geels
Wednesday, 28 May 2014