Digital Education Manager, Scotland

Kate Farrell



Join Date

August 2013

What I do

Kate worked with Nesta’s Scottish team to support Digital Education across Scotland.

She helped to organise One Day Digital, professional learning events for teachers on digital creativity.


Kate was seconded from teaching Digital Media and Computer Games Development in a secondary school in Edinburgh.  Kate has over 15 years’ experience working in education and has worked in Higher, Further and Secondary education as well as in special schools. 
Kate is also Co-chair of Computing At School Scotland and works with teachers, colleges, universities, SQA, industry and government to help support computing education in Scotland. She has curriculum development experience with the SQA, Scottish Screen and Global Kids. 
She is an experienced trainer and public speaker and has presented at events in UK, Europe and the USA.  As well as talking about computing, Kate has presented about mobile learning, virtual worlds and assistive and augmentative communication technology.
Kate likes spending evenings playing non-traditional board games with her friends (much more fun than playing Candy Crush or Farmville!). Her favourites are Dominion, Agricola and Ticket To Ride.