Quantitative Researcher

Jonathan Bone


Research, Analysis and Policy

Join Date

May 2015

What I do

Jonathan’s research at Nesta focuses on two key areas: 1) understanding how digital entrepreneurship can be supported across Europe (as part of the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) and the European Digital Forum (EDF)) and 2) accessing the alternative finance market and how crowdfunding can be used as an innovative way of financing products and services.


Jonathan joined Nesta as an intern in 2015 before being given a permanent position later that year. Before joining Nesta Jonathan completed a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at University College London, investigating the evolution of cooperation and punishment in humans.

Building upon our research on successful corporate-startup collaboration, today we launch ‘Open Innovation in Europe - A Snapshot of the SEP Europe’s Corporate Startup Stars 2017’, a report Nesta produced in partnership with Mind the Bridge as part of the Startup Europe Partnership initiative. The report seeks to map out best practices in open innovation strategies.
Simona Bielli
Agustina Sol Eskenazi
Christopher Haley
Jonathan Bone
Monday, 18 December 2017
In May 2013 we launched CrowdingIn.com, the UK’s first directory of crowdfunding platforms. CrowdingIn was developed to help its users navigate what was then the relatively new and unknown world of crowdfunding, by allowing them to search for platforms by model and sector. Four and a bit years on and we have decided that it's now time to shut down CrowdingIn.com. Here we present some key insights from an analysis of data collected from the directory.
Jonathan Bone
Peter Baeck
Friday, 15 December 2017