Hugo Harper

Hugo leads Nesta's healthy life mission.

Hugo joins Nesta from the Behavioural Insights Team where he led their work on health and education, helping them grow from a small team in the Cabinet Office, to a global organisation of more than 250 people.

He has overseen projects with a wide range of partners including No10, government departments, large charities and private sector players. He has worked on all aspects of public health, from antimicrobial resistance to workplace well-being. Within public health, obesity is his specialist interest area. Since 2013 he has been a key advisor in the area and has produced multiple field trials, lab studies, impact models and policy recommendations.

During the pandemic, Hugo spent almost all his time on the Covid-19 response and sat on the SAGE sub-group SPI-B. Outside of the UK, he has spent time in both Singapore and Australia working on developing the adoption of a more behavioural approach to public health policy implementation.

Hugo holds an MSc, with distinction, in Behavioural and Economic Sciences from the University of Warwick, as well as a BA in Psychology and Physiology from Oxford University.