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GoGetFunding - helping individuals crowdfund for the causes they care about

Sandip Sekhon is the CEO and founder of GoGetFunding, a crowdfunding platform centred around personal causes, events and projects.

We caught up with Sandip to talk about how GoGetFunding can help individuals raise money for the personal causes that matter to them the most.

Why should charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs be excited about crowdfunding?

Because it has never been easier to reach people that could be interested in your cause.

Why was your platform set up and what are you hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to make it easy for anyone to crowdfund online for what matters to them most. Set up in 2011, we serve developed and developing countries around the world and are now expanding into non-English speaking languages.

How can your platform help people or organisations interested in fundraising for a good cause?

We can give them personalised advice on everything from the best pictures to use, to the outreach process, generating buzz and much more.

Could you give an example of what a typical GoGetFunding project looks like?

This campaign to raise money to deliver essential aid and support to refugees in France and other areas is a good example of one of our projects.

Some great features of this campaign include: the custom hashtag, regular updates, multiple pictures, the detailed description of project, and the varied team members.

Are there any unique features of your platform we should know about?

Personal fundraising coaches, ongoing access to donations and PayPal support, a customisable page theme and proactive PR for press-worthy campaigns all help to enable fundraising teams.

If you could give three tips to someone using crowdfunding for a good cause what would they be?

  1. Be transparent

  2. Show massive appreciation for every donation

  3. Have a plan

You can read more about GoGetFunding and the types of projects it supports at: www.gogetfunding.com.

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Photo Credit: (c) GoGetFunding

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