Genna Barnett
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Based in Nesta's policy and research team, Genna is the Assistant Programme Manager for a number of projects addressing the impact of technology on work and jobs.

These include Digital Frontrunners, an active network of 300+ future of work experts, policymakers and practitioners and FutureFit, a major training and research project involving unions, researchers and learning experts. Both programmes are based in the Nordics and Benelux, though the network spans across Europe and includes other international innovation hubs.
In partnership with a number of influential trade unions, FutureFit is focused on upskilling and reskilling workers at risk of job displacement - and doing innovative, robust research to find out 'what works'. Genna is passionate about creating an inclusive future of work and supporting key stakeholders across the skills system to ensure everyone benefits from an increasingly digital labour market.
Prior to Nesta, Genna worked in international development. She managed a range of education and youth empowerment programmes in collaboration with local organisations across Ghana, Burundi, Central America and the Middle East. She has a Masters of Education in Community Learning and Development and has completed a Permaculture Design certification.