Karlis is a Senior Data Foresight Lead working in Nesta’s Discovery team.

He uses machine learning and network analysis to uncover emerging trends, promising technologies and interventions that will shape our future.

Previously, Karlis was working on data-driven innovations for navigating the labour market and connecting people to good work, as part of Nesta’s Open Jobs programme.

Prior to Nesta, Karlis completed a PhD in Computational Neuroscience at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. His research focused on studying the dynamics of complex biological networks using the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems, numerical simulations and experimental data analysis. Karlis also holds an MSc in Neural Systems and Computation from the University of Zurich & ETH Zurich, and a BSc in Biology from the University of Latvia.

He is generally interested in the opportunities for using science and technology to build and strengthen communities and, in the meantime, he enjoys spending time with family, reading and cinema.