George Richardson
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George uses data science and machine learning on new data sources to research the possibilities for creating maps of the innovation landscape.

This could involve analysing time series data, studying network graphs, or using natural language processing to identify innovation trends, links and gaps in a particular field. His research will feed into the development of new tools, metrics, and understandings that can be deployed to track the evolution and propagation of innovations.

Prior to Nesta, George completed a PhD in Plastic Electronic Materials at Imperial College London, before working on data science projects spanning solar energy, homelessness and humanitarian monitoring. His work has often involved taking data science to new domains and working with organisations to complement their own expertise with data driven decision making. He is driven to constantly create a better future for society through his work.

George likes to get around at home and abroad by bicycle, and considers it the greatest innovation to have preceded sliced bread. He is also an enthusiastic amateur bread baker, and as a result, doesn't actually remember what sliced bread tastes like. When he's not baking or biking, he co-hosts the podcast, Utopia Dispatch, which takes a light-hearted tour of different ideas for sustainable human happiness and prosperity.