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Kathy is the Lead for Future Cities in the Challenge Prize Centre working on the future of urban transport and global cities.

Previously, Kathy served as Program Director for economic development, resilience and transport at the National Association of Counties, where she convened leadership networks of local government officials with national, philanthropic, civic and business leaders to drive innovation in local and regional economic growth, with a focus on identifying and scaling up transformative new approaches to creating stronger communities and economies based on local assets and place-based strategies.

She has designed and delivered peer learning and capacity-building networks and training and technical assistance programmes on a variety of topics related to planning, land use, economic development, transport, infrastructure and sustainability in both urban and rural places. She has also worked in the private sector on planning, design and real estate development projects.

Kathy holds a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a political science degree from Villanova University.

In her spare time Kathy enjoys running, yoga and country walks.