Fulvia Porcheddu

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Fulvia Porcheddu

Fulvia is an interim programme coordinator for Nesta Challenges.

Prior to Nesta, Fulvia worked with a technology startup that created a banking app that allows customers to draw down on their salary to prevent debt issuance. She assisted the project by creating and implementing leaner processes that complemented the aggressive expansion and supported 60+ team members. Before that, in the publishing and creative industry, she gained experience in the administration of multi-disciplined project management teams. During her time working at Westminster University, she helped grow the Short and Professional Courses Team while managing the delivery of a complex course contract with the Ministry of Defence.

Fulvia brings 10 years of business administration/operations experience with her, having worked in education, finance, publishing media, events and real estate. She also volunteers as a caregiver for elderly people living with dementia which she finds very rewarding.

In her spare time, Fulvia enjoys hanging out in Battersea Park. She also loves yoga, films and music. Fulvia comes from Lake Como in Italy and wishes to retire there, with many dogs and her partner!