Ruth is the Programme Manager for the Global Health Team, including the Longitude Prize, at Nesta Challenges.

Prior to Nesta Challenges, Ruth worked for an open-access antibiotic drug discovery initiative funded by the Wellcome Trust in Australia and led the global outreach programme and international partnerships. It has become a benchmark network for academics around the world to join the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) field. In the UK, Ruth worked for the Royal Society of Chemistry and ran life science and health programmes including the AMR campaign.

She brings to Nesta Challenges more than seven years of experience in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and global health from project management roles, as well as experience in science communication, media and policy. Ruth was president for the Australian Science Communicators Queensland branch in 2016.

Ruth enjoys running the parks of London and travelling across the globe.

You can follow her on Twitter @ruthneale and connect with her on LinkedIn here.