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The health and care system we rely on today was created for a very different time; now, people are living for longer with life-long conditions and the system is struggling. Rather than empowering people to be healthy in the long-term, it is firefighting in the short-term.

At Nesta we know that everyone is healthier when they are more in control of their health and care. We want to create a health and care system that empowers people to lead healthier and more independent lives. That’s why we’re committed to using people power, smarter use of new technology and new methods to stimulate innovation in the health and care system.

People power

We want to make health and care about much more than medicine. Feeling part of something bigger not only helps people to recover faster, but we know it can prevent ill health too. This means people having access to things like peer networks where they can share their experiences, build relationships and gain the knowledge to support themselves outside of clinical care.

Smarter use of technology and data

We believe that smart use of digital technology and data will also empower people to lead healthier and more independent lives. Having accurate data from a smartphone to measure day-to-day experiences helps people monitor and manage their health closely, and it helps health professionals build up a bigger picture. The result is that an individual’s care can be more tailored and more effective.

New innovation methods

To improve our services and our health, we all need to have a sense of agency in solving problems. We believe new innovative methods will create health and care systems that are smarter, faster, more collaborative and more inclusive of citizens and frontline staff. This means bringing together a range of people to test new ideas and find better ways of doing things.

See our interactive timeline to find out about 10 years of Nesta's work in health.

Join us

We are bringing these ideas to life through a combination of cutting-edge research, experiments, practical projects and grant funding, and we’re always interested in collaborating with others.

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