Sparking Change in Public Systems: The 100 Day Challenge

Reflecting on five years of the 100 Day Challenge, which delivers people-powered change in health and care in over 30 different locations across the UK.

Front-line practitioners and people who rely on health and care services have unrivalled expertise in how the system operates, but often have little influence or ownership over change. The 100 Day Challenge allows front-line staff and citizens to collaborate and experiment with new ways of working, testing them for 100 days to see if they make a difference.

This booklet explores these five ingredients to achieving success through the 100 Day Challenge, demonstrated through real-life examples:

Local - taking a place-based approach to change
Participation - working with front-line staff and citizens
Pace - rapidly testing and learning
Action - testing a range of ideas in the real world
Results - seeing improvements in people's lives

Healthcare worker

Photo by Beth Crockatt

"Historically we've worked relatively independently trying to achieve the same goals and now we're working collectively"

Asad Ali, GP at Millgate Health Partnership

We hope this document provides some insight into how health and care systems can transform at pace, locally and nationally - making systems smarter, faster, more collaborative and more inclusive. To find out more about how your organisation could benefit from the 100 Day Challenge, email [email protected] or see our People Powered Results page.