About Nesta

Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality and changing lives for the better. We use our expertise, skills and funding in areas where there are big challenges facing society.

Nesta’s annual health summit took place on 15 July 2019.

You may catch up on key sessions below.

Turning leadership on its head

Halima Khan open's the day with a key note speech about what it means to turn leadership on it's head.

Reimagining leadership with Sir David Behan and Ebinehita Iyere

Nesta's Dan Farag talks to Sir David Behan, Chair of Health Education England, and Ebinehita Iyere, Founder of Milk and Honey/ Project Lead at Juvenis about reimagining leadership..

Be More Pirate

Alex Barker from Be More Pirate runs an interactive session to inspire us all to be leaders.

About the day

The Future of People Powered Health: Reimagining Leadership.

We believe it’s time to reimagine leadership in health. With the growing complex challenges we now face in health and care, top-down approaches to leadership are not enough. In fact, they are holding us back.

We must be bold and innovative to expand our approach to leadership. We need to champion approaches that empower people to lead during times of uncertainty and to create a shared purpose. We need to embrace leaders from different vantage points, and approaches that bridge organisational boundaries.

And to recognise that, with the right support, we are all leaders who can bring about meaningful and sustainable changes to the health and care system.

The Nesta’s 2019 Future of People Powered Health Summit will reimagine leadership. The Summit is an action-orientated day to bring together leaders from across and beyond the health system. Together we will explore more diverse models of leadership - what they look like and how to put them into practice. Bringing together national and local decision and policy makers, front line staff, people with lived experience and innovations, this event will enable people to share their experience and be inspired by people rethinking and exercising leadership differently.

Together, we can learn from each other and explore bold new ideas for a more people powered approach to health.

On the day, you will be able to engage in sessions that:

  • Explore the challenges of leadership
  • Consider what mindsets and tactics help you adopt new models of leadership
  • Share your experiences of leading with frontline, lived experience and national health leaders
  • Collaborate on how new leadership models are combining data with users experience to create new solutions
  • Meet inspirational leaders and challenges who are upturning traditional ways to lead.


We are working hard to make the Future of People Powered Health as inclusive and balanced as possible. We’re far from perfect and would like your help to enable us to bring a wide range of voices from a mix of organisations, regions, sectors and experiences to enable meaningful networking and diverse discussions.

The Health Summit has been designed to provide a collaborative space for attendees to learn, discuss ideas and create connections. We recognise that holding the event in London makes it more challenging for people living outside of the capital to take part. Every year we trial and test different ways to broaden access. We will be recording this year’s key sessions and publishing them after the event instead of live streaming, as this has proved an effective tool in the past.

*This is only one part of the solution of course - it sits alongside other actions in place this year, like offering a select number of bursaries to cover travel costs for people who would otherwise be unable to attend.


Sir David Behan

Chair, Health Education England

Dawn Wiltshire

Consultant, My Life My Choice