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Join us on 15 July for Nesta’s annual health summit:

The Future of People Powered Health: Reimagining Leadership.

We believe it’s time to reimagine leadership. The health and care system over-relies on a top-down model of leadership in which power is passed through chains of command, from one person or group to another. But the complex challenges we now face in health and care cannot be solved by traditional models of leadership alone. In fact, it is holding us back.

Innovation is not just about creating and spreading new solutions. It is also about new ways of achieving those solutions. This includes leading differently and - importantly - combining different approaches to leadership together.

So it is time to expand our approach to leadership. To recognise the benefits of leadership from different vantage points, including citizens, front-line staff and civic organisations. To recognise the strength of shared leadership that reaches all parts of an organisation and bridges across organisational boundaries. To enable leadership that engages with uncertainty and creates shared purpose. And to recognise that, with the right support, we are all leaders.

This year we are exploring more diverse models of leadership - what they look like and how to put them into practice. The event will enable people to share their experience and be inspired by people rethinking and exercising leadership differently.

The Future of People Powered Health is an action-orientated day of practical discussions combined with workshops and live performances. Each year we bring together several hundred 'thinkers and doers' - people with lived experience, innovators, health and care professionals, commissioners and policy makers. Together we create the opportunities to learn from each other and explore bold new ideas for a more people powered approach to health.

Registration will open at 09:00AM with the first session of the day starting at 10:00AM. The event will finish at 4:30PM with the opportunity to grab a drink and continue the conversation until 5:00PM.

If you’d like to join us please register your interest and tell us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to come.


We are working hard to make the Future of People Powered Health as inclusive and balanced as possible. We’re far from perfect and would like your help to enable us to bring a wide range of voices from a mix of organisations, regions, sectors and experiences to enable meaningful networking and diverse discussions.

With that in mind, we have a three asks:

● Please could you answer a few brief questions. This will give us a sense of who you are and help us ensure discussions on the day are rounded and inclusive.

● Tell someone else about this event. Someone who might see the term leadership and instantly feel this does not apply to them BUT you believe could bring a valuable perspective to the day and benefit from it.

● Let us know if you might need support attending this event. We are able to offer a limited number of bursaries to support people who may otherwise find it difficult to attend. If you wish to apply for a bursary, please do get in touch with [email protected]