Our work in government innovation

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In the face of rising expectations, shrinking budgets and an increasingly fragile trust in political systems, governments and public sector organisations are facing complex challenges.

At Nesta we believe these challenges present extraordinary opportunities to do things better. We want to help governments and communities reimagine public services and recraft the role of public servants to be fit for the future. That’s why we’re committed to making smarter use of data and technology, engaging the skills and time of citizens, and equipping public servants with the tools to innovate.

Smarter use of data and technology

We believe smarter use of data and technology will help to reform public services, improve citizen engagement and deliver social impact at scale. From our research and our practical work, we know that digital technologies can save money, deliver local economic growth and support better outcomes for citizens.

Engaging the skills and time of citizens

We want to enhance and reshape public services and give local people greater control over their lives. We believe in ‘people power’: plugging the power of citizens back into places, institutions, services and democracies. This means creating new models of shaping and delivering public services in partnership with citizens.

Innovation tools for public servants

An entrepreneurial attitude is as important in government as it is in business. We know governments need innovators within the system if we are going to be fit for the future and improve the lives of citizens. This means providing new tools for public servants so they can adopt an innovative mindset and new ways to use money for innovation

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We are bringing these ideas to life through a powerful combination of research and evidence, experimentation, grant-making, challenge prizes, investments and training.