Creative Hub Leader’s Toolkit
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Creative Hub Leader’s Toolkit

You can use the toolkit to enrich your own learning journey, to clarify your thinking as a hub or community leader, or to engage with your team to acquire different perspectives and align ideas.

The tools are organised in three sections:

1. Leading your hub

Helping you to articulate a clear vision and develop a hub culture that reflects the hub’s values, and motivates you and your team to deliver on the hub’s purpose.

2. Connecting your hub

Helping you to understand your stakeholders, to prioritise those who influence your hub’s success and ensure your activities meet the needs of your community.

3. Building your hub

Helping you to plan for success! Whether you want to sustain your current situation or take things in a new direction, measuring impact and promoting success is vital to the sustainability of your hub.


Creative hubs play a vital role in supporting creative entrepreneurs and businesses. As ‘convenors of creatives’, hubs serve local communities and connect creative practitioners.

This toolkit is part of Creative Hubs Academy, a global programme that supports creative hub leaders to sustain and grow their hubs. Creative Hubs Academy was co-designed over a two-year period with more than 100 hub leaders from across three continents. It uses practical tools and approaches, as well as face-to-face workshops and supportive coaching, to upskill creative hub leaders.

The programme builds on the success of the Creative Enterprise Programme and the Creative Enterprise Toolkit (now available in 12 languages).

Creative Hubs Academy is a partnership project of Nesta, Hivos and British Council.