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Challenge Prizes: A practice guide (2017)

This practice guide shows you how challenge prizes work and supports you to get your own prize idea off the ground. It provides practical guidance and support to help you to explore, design and run your own challenge.

Nesta’s challenge prizes 2017

Flying High report:
The future of drone technology in UK cities

The decisions the UK makes in the next few years will shape what path the country follows. UK cities need to consider what they want the future of drone applications to look like, and thinking this through in urban areas allows us to tackle the most complex and challenging issues head on.

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Longitude Explorer Report

This publication provides an overview of the Longitude Explorer Prize that challenged young people (aged 11-16) to come up with ideas that use navigational and observational data from satellites, for social good. The report explains the staged process, activities, and evaluation of the Prize. The Longitude Explorer Prize was designed and delivered by Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre in partnership with Winton Charitable Foundation, UK Space Agency, Raspberry Pi, Satellite Applications Catapult/National Space Academy, StemNet, Ignite Futures, Technopop, among others outlined in the report.

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Dynamic Demand Challenge Report

This report provides an overview of the Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize and the ideas that were prototyped by the five selected finalists. The Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize was designed and delivered by Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory’s Centre for Carbon Measurement (NPL) to stimulate demand–side response solutions for households and small businesses.

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Giving Challenge Report

This report is a short overview of the Giving Challenge Prizes: the Waste Reduction Challenge and the Ageing Well Challenge. The report explains the staged process, finalists’ development and announcement of the two winners and two runners up.

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Inclusive Technology Prize Report

This report explores the insights and lessons learnt from the Inclusive Technology Prize, which sought to champion innovative assistive technology and encourage co-creation with disabled people.

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