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For nearly ten years, we have been working in partnership with the British Council to deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme.

Developed from the Creative Enterprise Toolkit, the programme’s core offer is a three-day capacity-building workshop to support creative entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses.

Between November 2016 and April 2018, the programme took place in 25 cities in 15 countries, in six languages, to more than 800 creative entrepreneurs working in arts and culture, fashion, handicrafts, digital, publishing, gaming, performance arts and more.

Creative Enterprise Programme in Uganda

Creative Enterprise Programme in Uganda

About the workshop

Day 1: You and your idea Participants dissect their personal values, how these relate to the purpose of their business, and visualise the future.

Day 2: Your customers Participants imagine who their customers are, what their customers values are, how to communicate to potential customers and how to ensure their business meets their customers needs.

Day 3: Your business Day three brings the efforts from the previous two days together. Participants explore the key components required to build their own business model canvas.

Upcoming workshops

The application and participant selection process is managed by the local British Council teams and their delivery partners. Each workshop usually offers 25 participant places. Contact your local British Council to find out more or click the 'apply here' links below.

Workshops are taking place in the following locations:

  • Accra, Ghana with Tentmaker Hub: Monday 3 – Wednesday 5 September 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Accra, Ghana with Ghana Design Network: Thursday 6 – Saturday 8 September 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Lagos, Nigeria with Assembly Hub: Monday 17 – Wednesday 19 September 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Kumasi, Ghana with Kumasi Hive: Monday 24 – Wednesday 26 September 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Dakar, Senegal with Africulturban: Tuesday 2 – Thursday 4 October 2018 (apply here)
  • Ankara, Turkey with IstasyonTEDU: Thursday 4 – Saturday 6 October 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine with Teple Misto: Monday 8 – Thursday 11 October 2018 (apply here)
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone with Sensi Innovation Hub: Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 October 2018 (apply here)
  • Odessa, Ukraine with Impact Hub: Tuesday 9 – Friday 12 October 2018 (apply here)
  • Kiev, Ukraine with IZONE: Tuesday 23 – Friday 26 October 2018 (apply here)
  • Lviv, Ukraine with PVV Knowledge Networks: Tuesday 30 October – Friday 2 November 2018 (apply here)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: Monday 5 – Wednesday 7 November 2018 (apply here)
  • Kampala, Uganda: Monday 5 – Thursday 8 November 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Istanbul, Turkey with ATÖLYE: Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 November 2018 (applications are closed)
  • Dakar, Senegal with Africulturban: Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 December 2018 (applications open soon)
Creative Enterprise Programme in Egypt

Creative Enterprise Programme in Egypt

Creative Enterprise Toolkit

The Creative Enterprise Toolkit was first launched by Nesta in 2007. The toolkit is a practical resource to help people plan, build, test, communicate and launch new creative businesses. It is available to download for free and has been translated into eight languages.