As the UK prepares to head to the polls, have the main parties really grasped how innovation is changing our economy and society?

Nesta has been examining party manifestos for the UK’s General Election 2019. Three of the UK’s biggest long-term challenges - low productivity, high inequality and declining trust in politics - have their roots in the way our knowledge economy works. The next UK government will have to grapple with these issues.

In this special, one-off edition podcast, Nesta’s Tris Dyson is joined by colleagues from across the organisation who have been reviewing the General Election manifestos. The team surface manifesto highlights and blindspots as they ‘pick n’ mix’ the policies to drive an inclusive knowledge economy.

Joining Tris for the conversation are Madeleine Gabriel, Vicki Sellick, Tom Symons and Ksenia Zheltoukhova.