The pilot programme for the Global Innovation Policy Accelerator was launched in July 2016, with teams of four to five innovation policy leaders from the Pacific Alliance countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

It began with a five-day introductory programme of team-building, peer support, problem solving and learning. The second phase of the programme saw the teams working remotely with UK mentors to develop a project directly linked to their national priorities.

The cohorts reunited in the UK for a second five-day programme in November, with some elements tailored to the different teams’ chosen challenge areas. The teams came together for one last time, for a final conference in Chile in March 2017, where they presented outcomes from their projects and what they had learned from the programme.

Take a look at the timeline below to get a sense of the evolution of the programme. To discover who our innovation policy leaders were and what their projects were all about, click on the country flags at the bottom of the page.

Leaders Programme timeline

Global Innovation Policy Accelerator - project timeline - Pacific Alliance