The team has formed as a cross-government task force, with the aim of improving the coordination of support for innovation, beginning with improvement of public policies in the thriving Mexican medical devices industry. The team aims to create a ‘one stop shop’ for government support for innovation in the industry, bringing together and aligning different programmes of support provided by the range of government departments present in the Global Innovation Policy Accelerator team.

The team has identified key actors and stakeholders in the medical device industry, and will hold a focus group in late September to help prioritise areas of support within themes such as access to finance, research, regulatory framework and technology transfer. Within the design of this ‘one stop shop’ policy mix, the team is seeking to put in place a robust evaluation process for the industry support with the help of Mexican and UK experts. The project output will be a trial of the single point of contact for innovation support with a view to spreading the model to other successful sectors in the future.

Meet the team

Ana Gabriela Ayla
Strategic Planning Coordinator

Teresa de Leon
Director of Technology Commercialisation

Salvador Orozco
Ministry of Economy
Director of Innovation

Mónica Padilla
Director of Regional Development

Liliana Reyes
Director of Venture Capital