Taking advantage of the current reform of technical colleges in Chile, the team will work to ensure the institutions’ curricula include more skills, tools, techniques around innovation and creativity - with a view to increasing the number of technical graduates who become entrepreneurs, or act more creatively within Chilean companies. By the end of the programme, the team will have designed a pilot programme of creative and innovative learning which will run from August 2017 across various CFTs in Chile.

Supported by Global Innovation Policy Accelerator local partner Fundación Chile the team’s main first step is to run workshops in Santiago in October 2016 to engage a range of key stakeholders such as Technical College staff, curriculum advisors and students to test early ideas and get buy-in for the project. A second workshop is planned for December, after having worked with experts in the UK in November to refine aspects of the pilot design.

Meet the team

Rosario Carrasco
Ministry of Education
Coordinator Innovation

Etienne Choupay
Ministry of Economy- Innovation Unit
Innovation Policy Coordinator

Alexo Dominguez
Ministry of Education
Coordinator Innovation Programmes

Tadashi Takaoka
Deputy Manager of Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Zapata
Chief of Strategic Development Unit