The team’s project seeks to develop more effective models for accelerating innovation through technology transfer between universities and businesses. Crucial changes to current practice would include: stronger co-ordination of support across government departments, and a shift to a more demand-led approach from clusters. The new approach will be piloted with the existing successful industry cluster of White Protein, in the region of Cali. By evaluating the elements of the new approach, the plan is to use it as a prototype to be shared subsequently with other regions and clusters across Colombia. The team aim to produce a practice guide for clusters, government officials and central departments tested in the White Protein cluster.

The team have already had several meetings with key stakeholders, including the Chamber of Commerce of Cali and the local technology transfer office. Their immediate next step is to work with local and UK-based experts to produce a map of likely technology demand from the pilot industry cluster.

Meet the team

Yeinni Andrea Patiño
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Director of Productivity and Competitiveness

Julián Pontón
Director of Technological Development and Innovation

Oscar Salazar

Rosana Velasco
Director of Strategic Projects