The Peruvian team’s project focuses on creating a new national framework for the evaluation of completed university-industry collaborative projects: analysing the existing data and coming up with new models for decision-making. The objective of the project is to develop this new framework, test it against some existing projects, and then use it to inform decisions on guidelines for future calls for university-industry collaboration proposals, as well as increasing the capabilities of the actors involved to undertake effective evaluation of the projects.

At a time of change within in the innovation system in Peru - a new President and set of ministers was installed in July, and a new national innovation plan is being approved - the first steps have been to gather what existing data on project success if available from across the different government departments, and to set up meetings with programme managers and evaluators.

Meet the team

Pamela Antonioli
Specialist in R&D, Development Unit

Victor Cueva
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Production, Science, Technology and Innovation Unit

Maggy Manrique
Innóvate Perú
Executive, Development and Knowledge Management Unit

Sergio Rodríguez
Director of Innovation

José Luis Solís
National Programme on Materials